Stone Mountain Visitor’s Center

Stone Mountain Visitor's Center

Stone Mountain, GA

Lord Aeck Sargent designed the renovation of the existing Confederate Hall building located at Stone Mountain Park.

The building functions as an educational center for teaching students about the rich ecosystem of Stone Mountain and the mountain's significance in Georgia's history. The Center houses approximately 5,000 sf of exhibit space, portraying the ever-changing landscape at Stone Mountain. The exhibits include dioramas, 3-D graphic models of the mountain formations, a timeline detailing the 12 geologic eras in Georgia and a theater associated with the Carboniferous Period, which was the time magma began to accumulate at Stone Mountain.

The ground floor of the building also contains two 30-person classrooms, a larger multipurpose room and a 30-person theater in which a film about the history of the Civil War in Georgia runs continually. The upper floor provides office space for the Stone Mountain Memorial Association.


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