Atlanta Beltline

Urban Farm Shed

Atlanta, GA

The Urban Farm Shed began as a design competition hosted by the Atlanta Beltline. The project exemplifies the core values of the organization; it is a combination of tradition and technology, coming together in form and function to light up like a lantern along the Beltline.

Located on the Westside Trail, the Urban Farm Shed and associated farm land is leased by Aluma Farms. The basic structure of the Shed is reminiscent of traditional sheds and barns that have dotted American farms for generations, while the external skin is distinguished by a modern treatment of perforated metal, imprinted with a pixelated design that reflects its purpose and ties it back to the land. This approach allows the barn to glow like a punched tin lantern when lit from within, creating a beacon for the urban farmer and other members of the nearby community to gather around. Furthermore, the interest of the paradoxical imagery (urban versus farm) allows the broader community of users and passers-by to experientially map their location within the city.

The 500-square-foot structure is used for storage of farm equipment and basic facilities for Aluma Farms, and also serves as an office and kitchen. The oversized doors can open up to convert the building to an open pavilion.

The project demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. Designed to the standards of the Living Building Challenge (and ready for certification if the client chooses), the Urban Farm Shed includes a composting toilet, PV panels, reclaimed materials, and stormwater capture and reuse. It is completely independence from the water, wastewater and power grids, thus the barn will go beyond net zero and be truly self-sufficient.


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