Riverside Military Academy

Sandy Beaver Center for Teaching and Learning

Gainesville, GA

The Sandy Beaver Center for Teaching and Learning at Riverside Military Academy is a multi-use facility for a private college preparatory school.

The Center houses the Art, Drama and Music Departments as well as the school's Library and its Teaching Excellence Center.

The theatre is a fully rigged and flown proscenium theatre, which seats 780, including the balcony. The band, choral and individual music practice rooms have been acoustically optimized and are engineered to ensure that sound will not intrude into the quiet of the library.

The Teaching Excellence Center is a state-of-the-art room where teachers learn to teach and is fully wired with the latest technology. The Superintendent of the School, Col. Michael Hughes said of the building: "The building's design from the art studios to extensive music facilities and the state-of-the-art theatre will enhance our students' opportunities to explore their creativity and express themselves physically and emotionally. The library, with its light-filled spaces and wood paneling, has a reverent and collegial quality that is conducive to quiet, focused study."


Practice Areas

Theatres & Auditoriums