Appalachian State University

Peacock Hall Renovation

Boone, NC

The partial renovation of Kenneth E. Peacock Hall for the Walker College of Business balances the timelessness, weight and quality associated with schools of business with the bright, modern, contemporary spaces that attract today’s students.

Included in the project are the building’s main entry, two adjacent lounge spaces, several feature classrooms with associated support spaces and two office suites.

Peacock Hall’s redesigned main entry and lounges – a single, continuous space created by the relocation of two classrooms adjacent to the building’s lobby – feature updated, modern finishes, contemporary LED lighting and student-oriented amenities. Among these are a series of bar-height “charging stations” with built-in power, network and USB connections and a dedicated space for the school’s student-run coffee shop.

Decorative, perforated metal panels accent millwork features and provide magnetic display areas, while the extensive use of wood finishes is a contemporary take on the conventional “boardroom” look and feel. The project’s donors are recognized with ample built-in displays and integrated signage.

Nearby, two classrooms for the Walker College’s MBA program incorporate digital amenities with large areas of writeable glass with flexible furniture and are easily adaptable to conventional instruction or small-group breakout sessions. Two office suites complete the project, with signature reception spaces for student visitors and updated offices, support and break areas for faculty.


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