Clemson University

Daniel Hall Renovation & Expansion

Clemson, SC

The expansion and renovation of Daniel Hall is a critical project for Clemson, both in terms of its opportunity to impact the physical landscape of the campus and its opportunity to impact students’ educational experience.

The project will create a home for General Education through a significant renovation of Daniel Hall and new construction comprising a west addition, a south addition and a connecting collaborative bridge. The project will create modern learning environments that support both smaller, flexible classrooms (low instructor/student ratios) and larger spaces such as lecture halls and scale-up classrooms.

The project is located in the heart of campus, and the design embraces its surrounding major pedestrian routes. The Daniel Hall Complex will be highly visible as it flanks Cooper Library and reinforces the important visual connection to Tillman Hall. The site design will enrich its context by creating exterior learning spaces, integrating with the building design and providing much needed connections between the various grades of the Cooper Library Bridge and the Pond elevations. The site scope also includes new utilities, removal of the existing utility tunnel and a new service drive.

The existing Daniel Hall will be reimagined to become a modern classroom building with collaborative space and flexible classrooms that allow for a variety of teaching styles. The quality of the space will be significantly improved by the West Addition, which will not only provide a new aesthetic for the building, but will also provide collaborative space on every floor. This includes a larger pre-function space for the existing auditorium.

A collaborative bridge, lined with team rooms, aids in creating an overall Daniel Hall Complex through physically and visually connecting to the South Addition. The South Addition provides significant collaborative space to this portion of campus, especially on the ground-floor levels where it provides entry access at both Cooper Bridge and Pond elevations. Collaborative space is provided on every floor and sprinkled throughout the corridors to create an environment where students want to be. The flexible classrooms will provide a modern learning environment and have been strategically designed to allow for change over time if different class sizes are desired.


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