Columbia Theological Seminary

Vernon S. Broyles Jr. Leadership Center

Decatur, GA

The rehabilitation of the historic Simons-Law dormitory created a state-of-the-art facility with classrooms, large lecture halls, bookstore, mailroom, offices and ample study spaces.

The Collegiate Gothic building dates back to the early 1930s. The most recent campus master plan called for a new graduate dormitory to be constructed and the historic dormitory rehabilitated for use as classrooms and study spaces. The project also involved new construction to accommodate the need for larger scale spaces, such as a bookstore and lecture halls.

It is certified LEED Gold and includes natural daylighting as an important feature for the functionality of the classrooms, as well as, for energy savings. The design includes the creation of a cloister encircled by new and old construction.

In addition to providing much needed instructional and study spaces, the new building functions as the official public face for the corner of campus through its iconic tower.


Practice Areas

Academic, Student Life