Georgia State University

The Helen M. Aderhold Learning Center

Atlanta, GA

Located in downtown Atlanta's historic Fairlie-Poplar district, Georgia State University's classroom building satisfies the University's mandate for technologically advanced learning facilities.

The five-story Center echoes and complements the surrounding historic buildings while incorporating telecommunications and teaching technologies including: laptop computer outlets, high-tech projection screens and distance learning capabilities. A trellised rooftop garden provides students and faculty a casual green space in which to meet informally, and the building's street-level retail space embraces the culture of downtown Atlanta.

The design of the new Classroom Building includes:

  • State-of-the-art A/V presentation systems
  • Distance learning features
  • Master media control room
  • 48 classrooms with more than 2,600 seats
  • A 100-station computer lab
  • An 80-seat cyber cafe, lounge, vending and study areas
  • Student activity space
  • 12,000 gsf of retail 

Practice Areas

Academic, Student Life