Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Newman Library 2nd Floor Renovation

Blacksburg, VA

Lord Aeck Sargent was selected to program and design a multi-phased interior renovation of the second floor of the Virginia Tech Newman Library.

The new, cutting-edge learning environment will not only encourages inspiration and creativity, but will also attempt to redefine the campus library experience. From the interdisciplinary Academic Support Marketplace to the highly flexible, user-definable Commons, the newly designed library experience will support myriad learning styles and enhance the value and appeal of the Library itself.

The definitions of six types of environments have guided the project: Hotel Lobby, Marketplace, Village, Learning Studio, Knowledge Park and Neighborhood. Multiple space types and flexible furniture arrangements are utilized in each environment to express the variety of spaces desired. The result will be a dynamic series of flexible spaces meant to foster development and interaction of students, faculty and the local community.

The existing building is composed of the original Library and a later addition. Working within the confines of the current structure required a creative approach to building systems design, especially power distribution. Strategic phasing is also key to the project’s success as the floor must remain in operation over the duration of the construction.


Key Features

Practice Areas

Academic, Student Life