East Georgia State College

Master Plan Update

Swainsboro, GA

Lord Aeck Sargent, in collaboration with Hendessi & Associates, was commissioned to update the campus master plan for East Georgia State College (EGSC).

EGSC updated its master plan to accommodate the expansion of its main campus from 1,000 to 2,500 students.

To preserve the intimate character of the campus and its natural setting, which includes federally protected wetlands, mature stands of pine and a wildlife conservation area, LAS drew upon the firm's extensive experience in designing academic buildings. A combination of carefully situated new buildings and strategically located additions to existing buildings to expand the total facilities area from 172,489 gsf and 340,411 gsf was recommended.

The plan included the consideration of strategies to transform the College from a commuter campus to a residential one. It also looked at accommodating a satellite location that has an enrollment exceeding that of the main campus, as well as expanding the student recreational and intercollegiate athletic facilities.

The campus was then organized into three distinct and overlapping precincts: the historic academic core, a new residential village and a campus recreation area. The projects are to be implemented in three phases.

Through the master planning process, the College was able to reach consensus  on these issues and began steps to implement the development of its first residence hall through a public/private partnership.


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