Georgia State University - Perimeter College

Campus Master Plan

Covington, GA

Just east of Atlanta, a new satellite community college campus is the centerpiece of a master planned "town center" community that includes residential and mixed-use development.

Perimeter College worked closely with several private developers and the local government to integrate the new 100-acre campus with the planned community. Lord Aeck Sargent master planned the campus and designed its first building, which opened in Fall 2007. This building and the new Phase II building, completed in 2010, frame a collegiate lawn across the street from a new town green, which is the heart of the mixed-use town center portion of the development.

As the campus expands, functions placed within this first multipurpose campus building, such as coffee shops and bookstores, may eventually be handled by private businesses in the town center. The college is even considering placing planned student housing within the private development to further integrate the school with the community.

A local philanthropic fund paid for the land for the campus, which will eventually include as many as 14 buildings, structured parking and athletic fields.


Practice Areas

Campus Planning