Concorde Fire Soccer Club

Georgia Soccer Park

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Sports Park’s 98-acre site is well suited for sports fields as it is nestled in flood plain and surrounded by a beautiful forest with a creek running adjacent.

Lord Aeck Sargent designed a 6,000 sf sustainable pavilion to provide the park with a classroom, restrooms, team rooms, shower facilities, a concession stand, office space and a large porch. The pavilion serves as not only a gathering place but also provides shelter and safety during hot sunny days or inclement weather. Power is provided by the sun through 70 flat 340-watt photovoltaic solar panels on the south sloping roof. The array provides more than enough energy to power the building during daylight hours and The excess energy is returned to the East Point Power grid. The geothermal HVAC system was buried seven feet in the ground to absorb the ground temperature then run through a geothermal heat pump to provide comfortable and cost-effective heating and cooling. For energy efficiency and comfort in the winter, the ground floor slabs have radiant heating. The pavilion uses rainwater harvested from the roof gutters and exterior downspouts and collected in an 1,800-gal underground storage tank. The collected water system is treated including UV-C light and run through a pressure system to provide sufficient quantity to operate the water closets. Materials were selected for durability and low maintenance, to reduce both cost and the environmental impact of long-term building operation – including concrete floors, fiber cement siding and plywood interior wall panels.

There are six grass athletic fields with pervious gravel parking lots that allow water to percolate into the soil to filter out pollutants and recharge the ground water. Landscaping utilizes native plant materials. The manmade irrigation pond is designed to capture, store, and distribute necessary watering for the sports fields without the need for potable water. A vegetative drainage bioswale concentrates and conveys stormwater runoff from the parking lot.


Practice Areas