Columbia Theological Seminary

Graduate Student Residence Hall

Decatur, GA

The residence hall is a three-level, 60-bed building housing a mixture of suite types, including four-bedroom, two-bedroom, single-bedroom and studio units, to offer a range of options for students.

The units have a "soft loft" design using natural linoleum, accent walls and high ceilings in the living areas. Amenities include a community kitchen with indoor and outdoor seating and fireplaces, a multipurpose recreation room and an exercise area, all of which serve the entire student population. In addition, a laundry area is provided for building residents.

Sustainable design strategies target energy and water efficiencies that are approximately 50% better than a typical similar building. The design maximizes envelope performance with enhanced insulation values and energy efficient windows. Additional sustainable elements include sunscreening, motion-sensor switching, daylighting, water-saving plumbing fixtures, rainwater collection for landscape irrigation, low VOC adhesives and coatings and recycled and regional materials.

The building has achieved LEED Gold Certification.


Practice Areas

Residence Halls