East Georgia College

New Residence Hall

Swainsboro, GA

Lord Aeck Sargent, working with local Architect of Record, Palmer Architects, was commissioned to design the first of four proposed residence halls to form a new student housing precinct at the northern end of the campus.

Critical considerations included the placement of the building on the campus in a way that both maximized connectivity to the academic core while providing for the subsequent construction of additional buildings to form a coherent residential district. The facility’s 200 beds are arranged in four-bedroom apartments along two corridors connected by a central lobby. A large porch covers the main entry, both increasing the building’s visual presence from the campus core while providing students with views back to the campus from the third-story terrace above.

Common areas in the building include a reception area, office, and laundry facilities on the first floor, a study center, including a computer lab and tutoring area, on the second floor and a multi-purpose space with a supporting kitchen facility intended for residential life programs on the third floor.

The orientation of the building is intended to maximize the harvesting of natural daylight, while minimizing solar heat gain and glare. A decorative sunscreen and rain chains at the main entry porch underscore the importance of the relationship between the built and natural environment. The landscaping celebrates the natural beauty of the campus, preserving long-leaf pines and developing an existing ephemeral creek bed into a landscape feature.


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