Middle Georgia State University

Privatized Student Housing

Cochran, GA

The privatized student housing project provided the University with an additional 1,395 beds to support its growing on-campus student population.

The project was completed in four phases grouped into two bond issues:

Phase I: Gateway Hall is a 300-bed, semi-suite-style housing complex. The facility features a large, central student lounge and creates a new residential quad for the campus.

Phase II: G.A.M.E.S. Living/Learning Complex – double occupancy, 237 beds – and a replacement of Harris Hall – four-bedroom, suite-apartment, 159 beds.

Phase III: Regents Hall is a semi-suite, 278-bed facility that allowed for the replacement of an outdated building that was out of character with the rest of the campus.

Phase IV: included Warrior Hall, another semi-suite, 278-bed facility occupies the site, adjacent to Regents Hall; and Aviation Hall, a 143-bed facility that consists of four and two-bedroom suites is located on the Eastman Campus, which is home to the College’s Aviation Management programs.


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