North Carolina Central University

Chidley North Residence Hall

Durham, NC

To provide much needed housing for the growing NCCU campus, Lord Aeck Sargent worked with the institution to design a new student housing facility to be located adjacent to the historic Chidley Hall. 

Originally constructed in 1946, Chidley serves as an anchor for the residential precinct centered on this side of campus. The new facility, Chidley North, is a 133,361-sf, 520-bed building that will create a new residential green between the buildings.

Because Chidley North was designed to house freshmen, it provides comfortable and private units, but shifts social space to common areas to encourages the students to get out of their suites and interact with other residents. The facility has the maximum bed count for the square footage that is feasible to build within the project budget and while still supporting the student life goals.

The building has insulated concrete form exterior walls, CMU interior walls and precast plank flooring. The HVAC system was designed to meet NC requirements of exceeding ASHRAE 90.1 by 30%. The project is certified LEED Gold.


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