Piedmont College

Student Village

Demorest, GA

Lord Aeck Sargent designed a new student housing village to help Piedmont College manage a growing enrollment while keeping student on campus.

The Village, located just off campus, is comprised of 12 separate buildings arranged in two groups of six. Each building contains four, four-bedroom, two-bath apartments. The Village’s relatively flat, open site lent itself to arranging the buildings around two central and connected lawns, with buildings organized to promote views from porches and to create more intimate building entry courtyards between the buildings.

Each apartment’s four bedrooms are organized around a main living area, including a kitchenette, that provides a central gathering space and promotes interaction between residents. The living space has large windows that provide ample daylight as well as views to the lawn and courtyards outside.

The project includes an adjacent commercial space at the street side of the Village, which will provide a gateway into the housing development. It will include retail space for six to eight stores, adding restaurants and other amenities that will benefit the residents and the general public.


Practice Areas

Residence Halls