South Georgia State College

Tiger Village Phase I & II

Douglas, GA

Lord Aeck Sargent has designed new privatized student housing facilities and a renovation of the historic Clower Building for the College.

The 254-bed residence hall, which includes both four-bedroom suites and two-bedroom semi-suites and features lounge areas, a community kitchen, and a computer lab, was arranged to form a courtyard with the new Clower Center, extending the axis of symmetry that defines the campus through the project.  The historic gymnasium floor of the Clower Center was restored, and free-standing installations were constructed at varying intervals corresponding to structural bays to create spatial zones for various recreational and dining uses, including the “Center Court Cafe,” a small satellite dining facility.

The second housing phase comprises 295 beds, primarily in semi-suites with two individual suites, a resident manager apartment, and a suite for visiting faculty. Common areas include two multi-purpose rooms overlooking a central courtyard, a computer and tutoring lab, a community kitchen, and small study rooms that admit natural light along the corridors.

The facilities are designed to complement the College's existing architectural character, and will support the College's academic mission.


Practice Areas

Residence Halls