Western Michigan University

Western Heights Residence Hall Complex

Kalamazoo, MI

Lord Aeck Sargent recently completed a 750-bed, LEED Gold certified housing complex in the heart of Western Michigan’s main campus.

LAS served to update the freshman and sophomore on-campus housing options. Sustainable redevelopment impacted the central campus precinct by the demolition of two 1960s-era dormitories, the creation of a campus greenspace and quad, and the construction of two new, pod-style, state-of-the-art residence halls.

The design, which is the first of its type in Michigan, is intended to build multiple levels of community engagement and facilitate academic success. Each living area is arranged into houses of 30-35 students on each floor with a kitchen and study area, plus centrally private bathrooms maintained by staff. There are central community spaces on four levels which feature laundry and study areas, an open-air terrace, plus entertainment and game rooms. 


Practice Areas

Residence Halls