Young Harris College

The Towers - Freshman Student Housing

Young Harris, GA

The Towers is the third student housing project designed by Lord Aeck Sargent for Young Harris in the last four years as part of its transformation from a two-year college to a comprehensive four-year institution.

While LAS’ previous projects, Enotah Hall and The Village, were designed with sophomores and upperclassmen in mind, The Towers was designed primarily for first-year students. The new facility, which is targeting LEED certification, houses 226 beds organized in “pods.” Each “pod” contains 11-to-12 double-occupancy rooms, one single room for a resident assistant, two common bathrooms and a common living area. Pods are organized in three adjoining pavilions. Two of the structures are four stories and one, three stories. The central pavilion houses common areas for all residents on the ground floor.


Practice Areas

Residence Halls