Georgia Institute of Technology - Hinman

Hinman Building Rehabilitation

Atlanta, GA

The Hinman Research Building was the first building on the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology dedicated to industrial research.

The building was designed by Harold Bush-Brown and P.M. Heffernan, both deans of the College of Architecture for a period spanning from 1925 to 1974. The Hinman Research Building was partially funded by the Works Progress Administration and built in 1939 for $70,000. It was later expanded in 1951. Early research in microwave and autogiro technology conducted in the building was instrumental in the development of microwave cooking and the helicopter.
In 2008, the Lord Aeck Sargent / Office dA team was hired to rehabilitate and adapt the Hinman Research building for the Georgia Tech College of Architecture. The building was expanded to include an additional 1,250 sf of floor space in the high research bay. The LEED Gold certified, rehabilitated building is devoted to graduate architecture and industrial design education and related research programs. Provisions were made for design studios, computer labs, jury and pinup areas as well as informal and formal public spaces.

The design approach for the Hinman Research Building included a thoughtful rehabilitation of the building’s historic features and the insertion of forward looking studio space that links the past to the future and produces a unique and rich environment for the study of architecture.


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