Kennesaw State University

Building D Renovation

Marietta, GA

Building D was one of the first structures built in 1961 for the new Southern Technical Institute later known as Southern Polytechnic University, which merged with Kennesaw State University in January 2015.

The original architect, Bill Tapp, collaborated with Ed Daugherty on the master plan to create a modern walking campus. The structures were new and very modern for their time. In 2013 the campus embarked on the sensitive rehabilitation of the building to update the systems, restrooms, classrooms, offices and study spaces. The collective goals of the project were to:

  • Sensitively Restore the Structure: During the 1980s 14 offices were added on the first floor that enclosed the lower original open walkway facing the adjacent quadrangle. To respond to the requirements of ADA, an elevator was added in 1995. These additions significantly altered the character, massing and composition of the original building. The concrete frame structure with concrete block infill, concrete overhangs, aluminum windows and tectum-like ceilings are significant defining characteristics that give the building its historic significance. The project restored the original design intent of the open corridors by removing the offices on the first floor and relocating them to the second floor. The approach maintained the original fabric and design of the building.
  • Design for 21st Century Learning: To respond to the requirements of the Math Department and the Honors program, the building was updated with new AV/IT equipment and study rooms were created with residual space that encourages interaction and collaboration.
  • Sensitively integrate Systems and Technology: Over the past 50 years, exposed, surface-applied pipes and conduit for IT, HVAC, AV and Security were installed without an organized approach to how they are routed or attached to the structure. In the new design, systems were placed in a band of tertiary spaces at the core of the building so that the structure could maintain its simplicity in the classrooms and hallways.

The project evolved over the course of construction when the owner was able to lead the relocation of the elevator and the replacement of the roof. Additionally, changes were made to combine classrooms after SPSU merged with KSU.


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