University of Texas

Welch Chemistry Building Convocation Hall

Austin, TX

Lord Aeck Sargent led the renovations of the historic Convocation Room inside the 1929 Welch Hall Chemistry building. 

The Convocation room had very ornate hand-painted ceilings that were poorly illuminated by the existing light fixtures. Our team conducted light meter readings across the entire space to create an accurate light level map for the room. The light levels varied from a hot spot of 50 fc for one chair directly under the existing lights to only 1fc in other areas. The average illumination was far below recommended levels.  

LAS explored various off-the-shelf lighting solutions, however none could meet both the demands for the down-light component, with appropriate up-lighting of the ceiling, while looking as if they always been part of the original design for the room. In order to meet these often conflicting goals, LAS worked with the pre-eminent lighting designer in Austin to create custom light fixtures for this important historic space. We worked with many different user groups in the University, including the maintenance staff who would eventually have to replace the lamps in the fixtures.  

The new chandeliers are UT themed with the latest technology LED down-lights and wide dispersion CFL up-lights for smooth illumination across the decorative ceiling. LAS worked diligently to ensure that all stakeholders are happy with the finished project.


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