The Flannery O’Connor – Andalusia Foundation

Hill House

Milledgeville, GA

Hill House was a tenant farmhouse at Andalusia, the farm that was the home of noted author Flannery O’Connor.

The house dates from the mid-19th century but is most significant for the period when Jack and Louise Hill lived there. The Hills were well known to O’Connor and are mentioned throughout her collection of letters in The Habit of Being.

The Flannery O’Connor-Andalusia Foundation, which operates the property as an interpreted historic site, received a grant from the Save America’s Treasures Program and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to preserve the Hill House. Lord Aeck Sargent worked with the Foundation to conduct a condition assessment of the house, which had severely deteriorated over the years. Following the assessment, we developed construction documents to guide the preservation work which consists of heavy timber structural repairs, siding restoration and replacement, window restoration and roof replacement.


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