Department of Transportation

I-16 / I-75 Interchange (Pleasant Hill)

Macon, GA

The project involves a Relocation Plan, Historic Structure Reports and Design for Relocating 25 Historically Significant Residences in and around the Historic Pleasant Hill Neighborhood.

The reconfiguration of the interchange at the intersection between I-16 and I-75 is the second significant encroachment into one of Macon’s historically African-American neighborhoods. The Memorandum of Agreement with the neighborhood, which that links back to the original construction of the interstate highways through the city, stipulates that a mitigation of the current interchange alteration includes the relocation, rehabilitation and reuse of existing viable residential structures within the impact area to vacant lots in the neighborhood outside the highway impact area.

The scope of work for this assignment includes a review of the historical documentation on the neighborhood and the structures impacted by the transportation improvement, an assessment of each structure to identify extant character-defining features and the existing condition of building systems, the development of Historic Structure Reports for each of the structures to be moved, a relocation plan and construction documents for securing, moving, resetting on a new lot and rehabilitating the 25 structures scheduled for relocation.


Practice Areas

Preservation Planning