Fort Jefferson National Monument

Fort Jefferson National Monument

Dry Tortugas National Park, FL

Lord Aeck Sargent's Historic Preservation Studio completed a two-phase project for Fort Jefferson National Monument in Dry Tortugas National Park.

The first phase of the project involved an amendment to the Historic Structure Report (HSR) which established guidelines for the stabilization and appropriate masonry repairs for the fort. It also established new guidelines for future master planning and site planning as related to visitors and staff functions.

A Geographic Information System (GIS) database was designed as part of the project, which compiled information outlining all projects at the fort over the past 20 years, including masonry stabilization, housing, cyclical maintenance and interpretation. Each project was surveyed and assessed for its impact on the fort. All data collected was stored in the GIS database and made readily accessible to NPS staff.

Recommendations of the masonry restoration treatment from the HSR Amendment were then put to the test through a full scale mock-up. The mock-up included the complete restoration/stabilization of one bay of the brick embrasure wall. This work and the recommendations of the HSR Amendment will help inform on-going preservation treatments at Fort Jefferson.


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