Freeman’s Mill

Freeman's Grist Mill Preservation Plan

Gwinnett County, GA

Freeman’s Mill on the Alcovy River in western Gwinnett County has the original milling equipment used to grind meal over 100 years ago.

The mill structure of pegged hand hewn timbers remains intact. The steel wheel currently in place replaced an earlier wooden wheel in the second quarter of the 20th century. Lord Aeck Sargent embarked on a preservation plan and subsequent rehabilitation of the historic Freeman’s Mill, located in the new Freeman’s Mill Park.

The survival of the mill past mid-century is attributed to the use of concrete to replace deteriorated stone foundations and deteriorated wood beams. Parts of the original dam reinforced with mid-century concrete remained until mid-2003. Our team prepared a Preservation Plan to guide Gwinnett County in the proper treatment of this significant historic resource situated in the midst of rapid development.

Our team completed the rehabilitation of the mill, which is now part of the Freeman’s Mill Park in Gwinnett County.


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