Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Condition Assessments


Lord Aeck Sargent was selected as the architectural lead to perform condition assessments of 207 buildings and over one million square feet in Yellowstone National Park. 

This work supported our client, PRIZIM, Inc., in its task to develop prospectuses for the National Park Service to manage their concessioner-operated facility contracts within the Park. The scope of work included architectural, code, ADA and engineering analyses; and LAS was responsible for the overall coordination and management of the field work and deliverables with HDR Engineering, Inc. as a sub-consultant.

The project included a wide variety of structures ranging from the National Historic Landmark Old Faithful Inn to modest guest cabins in the Old Faithful, Madison and Grant Village areas.

Primary tasks included verification of the building inventory, overall photography of all properties, field verification of existing drawings, collection of measurements, and other data required to generate drawings; and assessment of overall building conditions, including the identification of maintenance requirements and deficiencies in need of repair.

After the on-site fieldwork, LAS analyzed data and prepared cost estimates for rehabilitation, repair, and 20-year maintenance plans for each facility.  Life-cycle cost and reproduction cost data were generated. Throughout the process, the team collected and managed information such that it could be integrated into the National Park Service Facility Management Database.


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