Housing Authority of El Paso, Texas

National Green Affordable Housing Design Competition

El Paso, TX

Lord Aeck Sargent participated in the National Green Affordable Housing Design Competition for the Housing Authority of El Paso, Texas.

The competition entailed designing an affordable housing project that:

  • Would showcase American design competitiveness.
  • Meet the USGBC’s criteria for LEED certification.
  • Met the criteria for Enterprise Green Communities, a new ratings system developed specifically for affordable housing projects.
  • Used BIM Technologies to model and render the design as well as the project’s MEP systems.
  • Included the use of  energy, daylighting, wind, ventilation and/or other Energy Efficiency Software.
  • Would be presented using 3-D walkthrough modeling.

LAS' design included 64 one- and two-bedroom units on two floors, hospitality-inspired lobby spaces, open-air courtyards, a cafe area, a fitness center, community center and private interview rooms for residents to speak with caregivers.

A variety of sustainable strategies were incorporated into the design.  These strategies included on-site power generation, solar thermal water heating, stormwater filtration, a green roof, a pervious paving system and rainwater harvesting.

LAS was selected as one of three competition winners.


Practice Areas

Community Design