Wood Partners

Alta Dairies

Atlanta, GA

Lord Aeck Sargent provided Interior Design services for the amenity and common spaces for Alta Dairies, a modern multi-family development designed around a 1945 dairy plant.

The design concept for the public amenity spaces in the building originated with a desire to express the industrial roots of the area and the Atlanta Dairies building. Balancing the creative tension between the project’s industrial roots with modern luxury provided the design team with interesting challenges and creative opportunities. The design team combined a limited palette of carefully chosen “industrial” materials with more refined finishes. The historical red of the original Atlanta Dairies logo was carefully used to create beautiful and visually coherent spaces and provide a strong project brand identity.

To complement the project finishes, the designers selected furniture that adds color, texture and refinement. A custom curated art program provided additional opportunities to incorporate and highlight the work of local artists. In several spaces there are large murals that were painted on site and can now be seen from the surrounding streets.


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