Confidential Client

Executive Office

Research Triangle Park, NC

The design of the Perimeter Park Executive Office seeks to create a comfortable place of repose for the corporation's senior executives.

With a harmonious palette of materials that combine rich material textures and handcrafted appeal, the environment offers opportunities for a wide range of activities including private work, formal and informal meetings, rest and refreshment. The design of the space combines both traditional and contemporary styles to create a timeless “transitional” design rooted in tradition and embraces a bespoke contemporary attitude.

LAS carefully selected the artwork for the space to complement the interior design. The client specializes in analyzing samples at a microscopic level with cutting-edge medical testing services. From an artistic point of view, there is incredible beauty found in things that are invisible to the naked eye. We sourced the art in the space from artists inspired by looking at organic structures at a close-up or microscopic scale. In addition, the design displays photographic enlargements of microscopic structures. This combination of both artistic interpretations of microscopic worlds with actual photographs of cells provides the space with a rich and dynamic visual sensibility.


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