Confidential Client

Collaborative Office

Research Triangle Park, NC

The management office space at Perimeter Park was designed to be a collaborative hub for employees, a positive reflection of the corporate brand, a source of pride for employees, and a means to attract and retain today’s best and brightest talent.

The space is primarily an open office with workstations at the center of the space. Private offices are located behind two long curving walls of glass. There is a large, open communal “hub” space with food service and informal seating to facilitate informal collaborative meetings.

The design of the space blends current trends in workplace planning with comfortable accents to make the space both inviting and contemporary.  Large drum-like light fixtures above the open office areas bring a feeling of warmth and intimacy.  The anodized aluminum storefront system used at the office fronts brings a high tech feel to the space, which is then combined with gradating accent colors above each office creating visual interest and appeal to the circulation area.


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