INNO.ware, Inc.

INNO.ware, Inc. Corporate Headquarters

Alpharetta, GA

INNO.ware wanted its US headquarters space to be a physical expression of its new identity – a young and innovative food service packaging design company.

During an extensive visioning process that included several company representatives, it became clear to the design team that the company wanted the new office space to express its innovative and creative spirit; an open, light-filled space with plenty of opportunities for informal and impromptu meetings; and a bold and colorful space that took advantage of existing views and light. The program also called for a separation of the public areas of the space from the private office and workstation zones. Visitors to the company that may include existing and prospective clients would remain in the public areas and would have full access from the reception area to the company café, conference areas and design innovation lab.

In the final design solution a dramatic circulation zone with offices on one side and a curved feature wall with a playful composition of colorful planes and frosted windows was used to connect the various parts of the program, to bring natural light into the space and to provide areas for ad-hoc meetings.

John Schneider’s prior experience while at KPS Group.


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