Parkmobile, LLC

Parkmobile Corporate Office

Atlanta, GA

Parkmobile is an innovative, rapidly growing and forward-thinking technology company.

Having spent the last several years in a suburban office complex, the company’s leaders decided to move its offices to Midtown Atlanta where they would be more likely to be able to attract talented employees and investors.

Parkmobile wanted the new corporate headquarters to be a collaborative hub for its employees, a positive reflection of its brand and a source of pride for its business partners and investors. The new space is primarily open office with workstations at the perimeter of the space where most employees would have access to daylight and views. Private offices and support spaces are located in-board behind two long curving walls that lead to a large, open communal “hub” space with food service and informal seating. Circulation zones are defined by polished concrete floors.

Collaborative zones are located throughout the space and are defined by brightly colored walls consistent with Parkmobile’s brand colors. Wall graphics with images of cars and cityscapes provide the curving walls with definition and interest.


Practice Areas