Clemson University

Hendrix Quad Programming Study

Clemson, SC

As part of an architecture programming study, the Landscape Architecture team at Lord Aeck Sargent worked with LAS Architects and Clemson University to create a new vision for the space surrounding Hendrix Student Center.

The design solution seeks to create a destination for the southeast part of the Clemson campus and to provide a flexible space that can be used by students, faculty, and guests at any time of the day.

Along the western side of the site, a sequence of terracing levels provides a response to the site’s grading challenges by creating multiple levels of flexible outdoor spaces. The terraces help utilize the entire site by connecting users from the second story of the student center down to the Hendrix Quad that connects to the Barnes Center. These terraced spaces can be used as outdoor study spaces for students, tabling spaces for student organization, or indoor/outdoor event space if used in concert with the large ballrooms within the student center.

In addition to solving the site’s grade issues, the design for the Hendrix Quad includes a lawn surrounded by a series of defined spaces that provide a variety of programs. The large open lawn gives visual nod and physical connection between the Hendrix and Barnes centers. A linear water feature along the edge of the lawn creates a peaceful and private garden space within a grove of trees. The opposite edge is defined by an organic, winding garden that provides secluded reading rooms within a lush landscape. The existing sunken plaza remains in place and provides an eastern connection into the Hendrix Student Center. Finally, a site wall cuts through the organic shaped garden and the sunken plaza and wraps around the southern side of the building. The lush landscape follows the site wall to draw users into to the new Hendrix Quad.


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