Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

O’Shaughnessy Hall Learning Quad

Blacksburg, VA

Lord Aeck Sargent’s team of landscape architects and designers crafted a signature outdoor learning quad associated with the renovation of O’Shaughnessy Hall, designed in collaboration with Mosely Architects.

The renovation of the building envisions a conversion from a traditional dormitory model to a Residential College. The integration of what was once neglected and underutilized space on the back side of the building into the educational and lifestyle programming of the building creates a unique opportunity blend the indoors with the outside.

Design solutions created a variety of flexible outdoor spaces that can be inhabited and programmed for learning opportunities. One of the key spaces is an outdoor porch that ties back seamlessly into a renovated lobby and lounge area for residents, with a recessed ceremonial outdoor room that celebrates the matriculation process in a symbolic procession into and through it.

Given its unique location on campus, the outdoor learning quad is designed to be a counterpoint to the traditional open lawn quadrangles found across the University, utilizing a more detailed landscape and hardscape approach to define a variety nodes and social opportunities, while also maintaining through pedestrian and service circulation in a way that is not only seamless, but enhances accessibility across the site. The resulting collage of elements has become a truly dynamic place.


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