Midtown Alliance

Juniper Street

Atlanta, GA

The Juniper Street Transformation Project will create high quality bike-ways and improve pedestrian amenities while also ensuring that vehicular traffic moves through at a steady, yet calmer, pace.

Plans include new wider sidewalks, MARTA bus stops, street trees, pedestrian-scaled lighting, trash/recycling receptacles and a network of stormwater planters that localize rainwater management, thereby reducing demand on City infrastructure. Adjacent to sidewalks will be a seven-foot-wide bike lane protected by a wide (typically 14 feet) raised/planted barrier.

Parallel parking within portions of the buffer will provide another layer of protection for those walking or biking. The roadway will include two vehicular travel lanes (typically 10 feet wide each) with additional dedicated turn lanes at key intersections with higher traffic demand. Juniper Street improvements will span 12 blocks between 14th Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Scope designed in collaboration with TSW and Kimley-Horn & Associates.


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