Tinker Ma, Inc.

Walnut Street Transformation

Chattanooga, TN

The southern gateway of the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge today serves as a nexus of pedestrian activity given its connections to 1st Street and the Holmberg Pedestrian Bridge, its proximity to nearby cultural destinations and its location within a rapidly densifying urban context.

The block of Walnut Street between 1st Street and Aquarium Way (2nd Street) is further intensified since it serves as the front door of recently opened The Edwin Hotel. Given these considerations, the portion of Walnut Street in question must be thought of not only as a access point for vehicles, but a “place” in and of itself that accommodates alternative modes of mobility and serves as a gathering point for public functions. The Walnut Street transformation project shows how intelligent design can connect a variety of urban conditions by careful placemaking.

Scope designed in collaboration with W.M. Whitaker & Associates and Tinker Ma, Inc.


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