Virginia Commonwealth University

Sanger Hall Renovation

Richmond, VA

Recognizing the need to establish research environments that will support VCU long into the future, the new  laboratory spaces utilize a modular, open lab planning concept supported by flexible, movable casework and engineering systems that can be adapted to evolving and changing needs over time.

Laboratory support spaces are designed to respond to emerging research and equipment demands by use of consistent, modular planning and adaptable, zoned delivery of utility systems. Centralized, core facilities are designed to support specialized activities and functions such as autoclave/glasswash rooms, shared equipment corridors and freezer rooms for the consolidation of long-term specimen and sample storage.

Office, administrative and amenity spaces including conference/meeting rooms and break areas are strategically sized and placed throughout the renovation to allow users access to these important spaces and to enhance collaboration and interaction. The project is LEED registered, targeting Silver.

In collaboration with local firm BCWH.


Practice Areas

Academic Research