Duke University Quantum Physics Lab Upfit

Duke University Quantum Physics Lab Upfit

Durham, NC

The Duke University School of Medicine and the Pratt School of Engineering wanted a shared space that would serve their common interest in entrepreneurship, encouraging researchers and entrepreneurs to follow their creative desires and open up possibilities for bringing advancements to market. 

The labs are home to research focusing on a wide variety of subjects, from regenerative medicine to how to capture and recycle water from areas with poor sanitation, to 3-D printed biomaterials that can help the body heal itself and how exposure to lasers affects the behavior of ions. The Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology runs five shared labs with sophisticated equipment that several teams can use. The Proteomics and Metabolomics Shared Resource lab uses mass spectrometry to analyze a substances molecular makeup. The Sequencing and Genomic Technologies Shared Resource lab features equipment that can explore a cell’s genetic blueprint.


Practice Areas

Biomedical Research