University of Utah

James LeVoy Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building

A USTAR Innovation Center, Salt Lake City, UT

The James L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building is formed by two connected structures that integrate engineering and life science research.

The facility is de­signed to support 25 to 30 principal investigators in flexible, bioscience research labora­tories and includes the following specialty core facilities:

  • Nanofabrication core with Class 100, 1000 and 10000 clean rooms
  • Imaging core with Radiochemistry Suite
  • Microscopy core for biomedical and engineering microscopy

In addition to stringent shielding, vibration, and exhaust parameters generated by so­phisticated research instruments and their utility requirements, the building is designed to withstand the impacts of potential seismic activity and earthquakes. The University of Utah is located in a seismic building zone requiring Acceleration Category D design criteria.

The design of the building is a direct response to the program requirements, the unique site and the local climate. Its organization has been shaped to capture the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the Salt Lake City Valley below, giving researchers inside the opportunity to engage the surrounding landscape. Energy effi­ciency, high performance systems, access to natural light and carefully selected ma­terials all contribute to the environmentally sensitive design approach. The building is certified LEED Gold.


Practice Areas

Biomedical Research