Vanderbilt University

Institute of Imaging Science

Nashville, TN

The landlocked Vanderbilt University Medical Center is struggling to find additional space for growing programs and has been forced to consider various technically challenging alternatives to realize this growth. One of these creative alternatives is Vanderbilt University’s Institute for Imaging Science (VUIIS), which was sited into an existing courtyard space bounded on three sides by multi-story medical and office facilities.

The primary goal of VUIIS is to develop new and enhanced imaging techniques, which will be used to address significant problems in biology and medicine. To reach this goal the VUIIS includes a 46,000 sf, five-story Imaging Center that houses several large state-of-the-art magnets that are being used for both clinical and research applications.

Shortly after the building had broken ground, a 55,000 sf, six-story expansion was added to the project. The expansion houses four floors of research, one floor of gross anatomy labs and offices, and a penthouse. Two floors of the expansion connect to an existing, adjacent building to allow for sharing of the existing support spaces.


Practice Areas

Biomedical Research