Novelis Global Research & Technology Center

Kennesaw, GA

The new international research and development headquarters for Novelis, the world’s premier producer of rolled aluminum and the global leader in aluminum recycling, includes pilot testing labs, material testing facilities, and numerous analytical instrumentation and characterization spaces.

The project brings together a wide variety of testing and equipment needs, from a full-scale industrial aluminum can production line to advanced scanning electron microscopy.  Consideration of the process and flow of materials, tests and people is of primary importance as well as assuring that environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity and vibration, are controlled to a very tight tolerance in certain labs to avoid disruption to sensitive testing and research operations. Many of the laboratory spaces are ISO certified and, as such, have enhanced engineering and monitoring systems.

In addition to offices and amenity spaces to support the on-site research and administrative personnel, the project includes several sophisticated and audio/visual-rich display and conferencing facilities to support and promote the facility as the worldwide hub of corporate research and development activity. The facility occupies an existing shell office and industrial warehouse building.  Substantial mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure upgrades were implemented to supply services to industrial equipment and operations for laboratory spaces.


Practice Areas