Arkansas Department of Public Health

Arkansas Public Health Laboratory

Little Rock, AR

Lord Aeck Sargent, in associa­tion with local architect The Wilcox Group, provided architectural, labo­ratory and biocontainment design services for the Arkansas Public Health Laboratory.

The new Arkansas laboratory provides testing for safe food and drinking water, detects inherited genetic disorders in newborns, and helps safeguard Arkansans of all ages against infectious diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, rabies, and West Nile virus, as well as chemical and biological agents of terrorism.


Key Features

  • Flexible laboratory to handle surges and changes in testing needs and equipment
  • 45,500 sf of BLS-2 laboratories and 4,000 sf BSL-3 contain­ment space for microbiology and tuberculosis testing
  • First responder facility for chemical and biological ter­rorism
  • Sustainable design strategies aimed at decreasing opera­tional costs
  • Efficient work flow to handle large volume of samples
  • High quality work environ­ment to attract and retain the best laboratory staff

Practice Areas