North Carolina Department of Agriculture

Rollins Laboratory Conversion

Raleigh, NC

The Rollins Laboratory renovation project entailed the conversion of an existing chemistry laboratory into a BSL-2 suite designed and constructed to be upgraded into a BSL-3 facility with modest modifications to the dedicated HVAC system.

The facility spaces include a primary interlocking door airlock with lockers, shower, and degown areas, pass-through decontamination autoclave, an Anteroom to provide a staging area for entrance into the Sample Handling Lab, and an Extraction Lab.

The Extraction Laboratory is designed to house a large roll-in exhausted robot cabinet for two DNA extraction robots. A dedicated Amplification Lab houses a series of real-time PCR machines. All construction details and finishes are designed to provide a secure, airtight and durable BSL-2 facility that can be quickly converted to a BSL-3 suite in the near future.


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