Duke University

Design Learning Lab: The POD

Durham, NC

Duke’s Freshman Design Learning Lab, named “the POD” after surveying students and faculty, brings a vibrant heart to the Pratt School of Engineering.  

Converting a former café space in the Levine Science Resource Center into a maker-space for Freshman, the space was designed and constructed in five and a half months. This abbreviated design and construction schedule required careful selection of materials and systems to provide the greatest visual and functional impact with "off the shelf” components. Interventions included an overhead pipe grid to provide flexibility for power and lighting to student worktables, movable millwork for ample component, tool and student backpack storage, new AV and power throughout, and the integration of specialized exhaust for saws, laser cutters and other tools.

LAS provided full graphic design services, including the development of the logo, and the introduction of lively film treatments to the transom windows. The graphics, color and lighting highlight the buzz of activity and invention in this 24-hour hub for new students.


Practice Areas

STEM Education