Eastern Michigan University

Mark Jefferson Science Complex

Ypsilanti, MI

The Mark Jefferson Science Complex at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) includes a complete renovation to the existing Mark Jefferson Science building and an addition linking Mark Jefferson and Strong Hall.

In the initial programming phase, the existing facilities in Mark Jefferson were reviewed and evaluated. This analysis included a review of occupied spaces in the building, their frequency of use and department affiliation. Phase 1 of the project, an 80,000-square-foot addition, houses the biology, chemistry, geography and geology, physics and astronomy, and psychology departments and includes 36 laboratories on the first two floors with faculty offices on the third through fifth. Phase 2 is a complete renovation of the existing 180,000-square-foot building, originally constructed in 1969.

In designing the site and new addition’s exterior envelope, attention was given to sustainability strategies such as stormwater management and daylighting. Facing west, the new addition is connected through pedestrian walkways to the Mark Jefferson Science Building and runs parallel to its entire length, masking the front of the 1960's era brick and stone trim building. The addition continues beyond the older building to the north, where it also joins with EMU’s Strong Hall, another science building. This continuing portion of the addition is two stories high and is topped by an extensive green roof planted with drought-resistant sedums native to Michigan. The roof is part of the project’s natural stormwater management system and helps to retain and treat stormwater. A small plaza for class gathering on the green roof provides students an opportunity to learn about sustainable building design.
A spherical planetarium/classroom at the top of the glass and brick exterior of the new five-story building with metal sunshades, a green roof, and a rain garden act together to provide a dressed up entry to the western edge of the EMU campus.

The project is LEED Gold Certified.


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