Texas A&M University System

Heritage Hall Multipurpose Building

Killeen, TX

As the third building on this young campus, the multipurpose building's program primarily provides STEM instruction and a variety of support spaces but also includes a combination of all types of space needed for a growing campus.

The initial two campus buildings sit at the edge of a large parking area. Since this new building is located farther away from parking, the team had the opportunity to establish a more collegiate-feeling environment. The design also focused on creating casual collaborative spaces to attract students to linger and spend more time interacting with their peers. The corner of the L-shaped design is a connected through a series of floor openings, and every level of this atrium-like area has glass walls connecting to maker spaces, seminar spaces, offices for student organizations and teaching spaces. Shaded exterior terraces on multiple levels encourage a feeling of connection between the new building and the primary pedestrian paths of the campus. The palette of exterior materials is closely coordinated with the existing buildings, yet the design allows for a greater amount of transparency and display of teaching and learning within.

The Texas A&M System set an aggressive schedule to establish a GMP and fully encumber state funding. The team worked seamlessly with the CM at Risk to deliver a GMP less than five months following the project kickoff. A high level of interaction between the Central Texas campus leadership, the A&M System, the CM and the AE team was effective in delivering the maximum value of program within the project budget.

Designed in collaboration with Harrison Kornberg.


Practice Areas

STEM Education