Durham Housing Authority (DHA) & City of Durham

Durham Housing Authority Downtown & Neighborhood Plan

Durham, NC

The Durham Housing Authority (DHA) Downtown and Neighborhood Plan, a partnership between DHA, the City of Durham and Durham County, was initiated to create a development framework for nearly 60 acres of publicly owned land in downtown Durham.

The framework serves as a 10-year roadmap for the redevelopment of the downtown DHA properties. Lord Aeck Sargent explored development concepts on the seven publicly-owned sites through community/stakeholder engagement and architectural/site and urban design options. The plan seeks better integrate public housing residents into the growing downtown population by providing new mixed-use development while still preserving levels of affordability.

Each site had concept alternatives that explored options of use, density and arrangement to build consensus toward an aggressive program supported by a new Affordable Housing Trust Fund program for mixed income in the booming downtown area.


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