East Decatur Station LLC

East Decatur Station Master Plan

Decatur, GA

A few blocks walk from Downtown Decatur, the unique district of “East Decatur” stands apart from its neighbors in several respects. 

Unlike adjacent single-family neighborhoods, the area is dotted with a mix of light industrial, institutional and retail uses. Although the area’s industrial development originally provided the city with necessary jobs and services, the area has been experiencing a steady decline for years; and many of these brownfield properties are outdated in today’s market and culture.

In 2002, the City of Decatur completed the Decatur / Avondale Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) plan. In 2006, Urban Collage/Lord Aeck Sargent was retained by the East Decatur Station LLC to update, design, and provide implementation strategies for a new urban neighborhood. Building on the original vision for a revitalized mixed-use, mixed-income community that takes full advantage of the MARTA transit station and offers a host of new housing, retail and office opportunities, a comprehensive Development Plan was created. The resulting vision seeks to provide the next level of implementation for the entire area by offering a holistic, and realistic new neighborhood. Built in collaboration with local stakeholders, property owners and civic officials, the plan represents a concerted effort to develop a “place” rather than an isolated series of “projects.”


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