Louisville Downtown Development Corporation

South Fourth Street Design Guidelines

Louisville, KY

The South Fourth Street Corridor, one of Louisville’s most intact historic places, is at a critical juncture in its evolution. As Downtown revitalization continues to spread from its urban core, the importance of having a vision for that growth cannot be overstated.

In this context, Urban Collage/Lord Aeck Sargent was retained by the Louisville Downtown Development Corporation to conduct a corridor study focused on preparing design guidelines along the historic South Fourth Street corridor in Downtown Louisville.  The Design Guidelines lay out a framework for current and future retail improvements with a focus on maintaining historic continuity while allowing creative solutions for storefronts and other unique architectural features. A detailed inventory and analysis of each building, storefront and historic structure within the corridor was completed that looked at patterns in architectural style, eventually leading to a recommended design guideline palette for future improvements.  Within this analytical framework it was also imperative to gain an understanding of the public spaces- the streets, sidewalks and plazas along the corridor each one’s relationship to storefront activity (or lack-there-of).  The Urban Design Analysis points out issues and opportunities for further refinement of the public spaces that include both streetscape improvements and identify major missing links in the built fabric.


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